MARAMASP Initiative “3D Printed Spare Parts Production”

MARAMASP Initiative “3D Printed Spare Parts Production”

Thursday 21st June –  Conference Room 1

Main Theme:

MARAMASP Initiative “3D Printed Spare Parts Production at La Spezia Arsenal”: Current results and future outlook.

Executive Summary:

Between January and March 2018, the Maritime Military Arsenal of La Spezia has developed, together with Dragonfly, the Phase 1 of the MARAMASP Project, with the aim of experimenting 3D Printing technology as a possible solution for the rapid production of spare parts to reduce the obsolescence risks and long lead times.

Six spare parts have been selected and submitted to the experimentation process with reverse engineering and production with 3D printing. The first six prototypes of the Arsenal were made of alloys of steel, aluminum and titanium.

The complete process (Reverse Engineering with 3D scanning and production with Additive Manufacturing technology) has proven to be able to realize a spare part within 10-20 days. A supply lead time of 30 days is estimated from a “3D Printing” supply chain.

A Financial Business Case has been developed and the results have shown that 3D Printing is an efficient solution to reduce the costs and time of supply of MMI spare parts.

Period Time Item/Speaker
17.00/17.30 17.00 Claudio GIARDA – DRAGONFLY

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