Driving the change in shipping & logistics: towards the EU Green Deal

The conference&expo “Driving the change in shipping & logistics: towards the EU Green Deal” is one of the key moments of the prestigious event SEAFUTURE, the business convention for maritime and dual use technologies attended by 10.000 participants, with 200 exhibiting companies in the 9.000 sqm expo area. 

The event is orientated to fit the Sustainable Development Goals set out in the 2030 UN Agenda and the related policies: Smart Mobility, Maritime, Digitalisation.

The conference, designed by Circle Group, will be attended by high-level institutional and industrial representatives: around 200 operators, coming from all over the world.



Overview on new financing tools promoted by the European Green Deal Investment Plan, which will mobilise EU funds and stimulate public and private investments that will represent important business opportunities for the shipping&logistics industry.
Focus on Horizon Europe and CEF2, supporting infrastructure projects in transport and energy fields, and new instruments related to Military Mobility.

Digitalisation brought some important benefits in the transport industry, but also exposed the operators,  increasingly “connected” to each other, to new risks.
Let’s find out, with the contribution of top experts, what can be done to mitigate the risks related to cybercrime, with a look at the current legal framework and the international guidelines on the subject.

Since transport accounts for a quarter of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions, the contribution that ports and the whole shipping industry must give to support the “green transition” promoted by the EU Green Deal, including the 90% of reduction in transport emission by 2050,  is massive.
The session will present the sustainable plans of some European ports, energy management projects and innovative solutions to handle a sustainable management of all the supply chain.

Digitalisation made possible a seamless flow of data along the whole supply chain, which makes it more efficient and sustainable.
Discover how emerging technologies like IoT, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence will disrupt and reshape the future of shipping and logistics in the near future.

In the era of automation, the value of human capital must remain at the core of every business strategy: enhancing people skills will ensure companies a competitive advantage on the market.
The challenge will be to adapt to new working model, based on the cooperation between human and machines, and start a reskilling and upskilling process that will prepare the employees to express their added value, related to new tasks and strategic business areas.




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