18 February 2021 online event

While looking forward to the seventh edition of SEAFUTURE, which will be held in La Spezia from 14th to 17th June 2021, webinars concerning the Blue economy and technology innovation are taking place.
On the 18th February, the webinar shed light on issues related to Maritime Cyber resilience and 5G communication impact. The attendance was very high and included the representatives of Institutions, the most important companies in the sector and many small and medium-sized enter- prises, research centers and universities: this resulted in a total of 150 participants including 15 representatives from Foreign Military Marines and Defense offices including Israel, Argentina, Singapore, Australia, Germany, just to name a few. “While SEAFUTURE is all about the Blue Economy, 5G is set to revolutionize the industry by delivering high data rates, low latency and ubiquitous connectivity with never-before-seen levels of reliability. On the other hand, however, the dangers that this new technology could cause to the cyber security of governments, companies and users cannot be ignored. It is therefore essential to ensure the security and resilience of 5G networks. This technology is vital to maintain Italy’s military and economic strength and competitiveness. Italy will follow the same path to maintain its level of advanced technological actor ”, recalled Cristiana Pagni at the opening. The interventions continued to underline the importance of strategic engineering so as to support strategy development and decision making to increase it resilience as well as the importance of research and development for technological assets, such as education, training for the creation of a cyber workforce and capacity building for cyber domination. Subsequently, the roadmap of research and technological innovation of the Ministry of Defense was illustrated, underlining the importance of continuous improvement of skills and the relevance of research and technology in the sector.
Starting from how smart devices can be pervasive and the security issues involved, the Safe project was also presented, which is supported by the Italian Ministry of Defense through the National Military Research Plan and the objectives of the project. Finally, 5G technologies and network, and 5G possible applications in the military sector were illustrated. Further, some examples of application were illustrated by the United States Department of Defense. The event was then closed by Admiral Giacomin, who explained how an infrastructure such as 5G, in the military field, is a revolution comparable to that which took place in the 1970s with automatic data exchange systems between systems command and control of ships and airplanes. He also touched upon how Cyber protection has a defensive aspect in terms of national critical infra- structure but also of a global common, such as the world web network, which must ensure equal opportunities in order to improve conditions of life of the whole human race. He stressed the role of the General Secretariat of Defense as a support to the Summit of the Dicastery by acting as a driving force, in coordination with universities, research centers and industries, so as to create a virtuous public circle – private for the entire country system. The success of the initiative has confirmed that synergy, integration and international cooperation are the key to the realization of a shared strategy for technological innovation and economic growth. Participation, resilience and determination generate new opportunities for global development. The organizers will continue to strive to ensure that the edition of SEAFUTURE 2021 represents the international meeting point for all those working in the field of defense and not just the hub of the Mediterranean Sea for the Blue Economy. The event was organized in collaboration with the General Secretariat of Defense / National Arma- ments Directorate, Italian Navy.



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