Looking forward to the 7th edition of SEAFUTURE, which will be held in La Spezia from 14th to 17th June 2021, and will begin with the 2nd 5terre national park inclusive regatta, in spite of the current delicate health situation, the organization is still working in order to make the best out of the upcoming event.

“In this difficult moment, Seafuture has organized this webinar,

purposes will be to keep high the attention on the themes linked to the Sea, to the maritime civil and defense in- dustry, and to research and innovation, which all represent an opportunity to recover and an impulse for the global competition” recalled President Cristiana Pagni.

The 14th October took place an online event on the themes related to the Underwater, which, alongside institutional representatives, was witnessed by the most important industries within the sector and many SME, research centers, universities and journalists that work on the field:

200 participants among which 40 representatives of Foreign Navies and Defence Offices, to name a few Singapore, Australia, Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany and many others.

The chief of the Italian Navy, Admiral Cavo Dragone, opened Seafuture’s Underwater Webinar -“I am sure that event like the one we are attending can foster a greater awareness on the relevance of the oceans and relative interests, both on land and underwater.”

The speech of the rapporteurs took stock on the condition of the scientific technological art of the most relevant sectors of maritime economy, of security and protection of the environment. Differences also aroused around the reflections on the necessity to develop a culture of the sea, also in terms of intellectual appreciation, from where to start in order to achieve a real development, sustainable and fruitful for each and every sector of the society. “The sea is so much more than just an economic sector, than an expanse to cross, than a casket full of resources. The sea is the heritage of humanity”, affirmed the Vice General Sec- retary of Defense, Admiral Dario Giacomin “it is the best insurance the humankind has, for his economic, social and intellectual development. the first of a series that will focus on various themes for instance cyber security, European and national funds and numerous others. Their

The sea is a global common; it belongs to all humankind. Its access must be guaranteed to every person. Since the beginning of the world, the sea has been an incredible bridge between cultures and an incredible facilitator. Nonetheless, it is also vulnerable, fragile, and the main risks come precisely from us, from men. We have a duty to respect it, safeguard and protect it because that’s how we protect ourselves. The sea is one of the most powerful and irreplaceable ally of the human, being ally of all of us”.

The success of the initiative has confirmed that synergy, integration and international cooperation are the key to the realization of a shared strategy for technological innovation and economic growth.In particular, the control of the underwater domain is of increasing strategic importance: for this reason the construction and strengthening of an underwater component is of fundamental interest. Underwater is destined to be among the new frontiers of technological development, towards which the main military navies, including Italy, and the industrial realities of the sector, are orienting Research and Development with important repercussions also in the civil world”, affirmed the Undersecretary of Defense, the Hon. Angelo Tofalo.

Participation, resilience and determination generate new opportunities for global development. The organ- izers will continue to strive to ensure that the edition of Seafuture 2021 represents the international meet- ing point for all those working in the field of defense, the hub of the Mediterranean Sea for the Blue Economy.



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