SEMINAR “Electromagnetic spectrum control onboard military vessels”

SEMINAR “Electromagnetic spectrum control onboard military vessels”

Thursday 21st June – Conference Room 1

Main Theme:

Electromagnetic spectrum control and management – electronic warfare – signature control

Executive Summary:

The strategic plan 2015-2020 of the US Fleet Cyber Command – 10th Fleet includes the following definitions: Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare (EMW): The Navy’s warfighting approach to gain decisive military advantage in the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) and enable freedom of action across the range of military operations. Electronic Warfare (EW): Any action involving the use of the electromagnetic spectrum or directed energy to control the spectrum, attack an enemy, or impede enemy assaults via the spectrum.

The electromagnetic spectrum is now assumed to be a domain in its own, as space or cyberspace, whose dominance allows to carry out military actions and to deny this possibility to the adversaries. The traditional concept of electronic warfare evolved and today coincides with the dominance of the em spectrum. The management of electromagnetic problems on board the naval vessels, large metal structures with a very high concentration of em emitters and receivers has always received a high level of attention. New materials, such as gallium arsenide and gallium nitride electronic components, metamaterials and graphene, together with advances in cybernetics, allow performance unthinkable a few years ago, both in the realization of the sensors and in the reduction of the signatures of the platforms. Although in this sector the US technology is undeniably and by far the most advanced, several important Italian industrial companies offer cutting-edge solutions; in this symposium we will try to present some of them.

Period Time Item/Speaker
09.00/09.10 09.00 Chairmen Introduction
09.10- 09.30 Captain F. RUTTERI Maristat N3

Maneuvering within the EMS – the impact of the “Electro Magnetic Spectrum” factor on naval operations and projects.

09.30/11.00 1st part Chairmen: AIR GIOIA PASSIONE and Admiral C. BOCCALATTE


Co-existence of AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) radar and Electronic Warfare (EW) systems on board of a military ship.


Period Time Item/Speaker
09.55/11.00 09.45 M. DONFRANCESCO, M. PATINI – Leonardo – Cyber

EM Activities and future solutions for MMI

10.00 A. MONORCHIO – University of Pisa

Challenges in Electromagnetic Design of Future Military Ships

10.15 Lt. Cdr L. LEMBO – CSSN – ITE

Distributed coherent MIMO radar network based on photonics

10.30 G. PERCIVALE – I.D.S. An innovative modelling procedure for integrated masts design and accurate control of ElectroMagnetic Spectrum related risks
10.45 A. POMPILI – CY4GATE. The Electronic Warfare meets the Cyber domain
11.00 Coffee break
11.50/13.30 2nd part Chairmen. Prof. A. MONORCHIO CV A. GIOVAGNOLA
11.30 S. FIRPI

MBDA High Power Impulsive RF radiation measurement


Innovative soluzioni for the ‘Spectrum Monitoring’

12.00 D. PISTOIA – ELT Group

Cognitive Spectrum Dominance in Naval Environment


Passive radars for maritime surveillance


Ship Signature Analysis in Infrared Domain

12.45 Lt. Cdr. U. DE CEGLIE – CISAM

Resolution techniques for image exploitation

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