SEMINAR “International Naval Safety Association – The First 10 Years”

SEMINAR “International Naval Safety Association – The First 10 Years”

Wednesday 20th June –  ITS FASAN Room 1

Main Theme:

International Naval Safety Association – The First 10 Years Executive Summary:

Over the last 10 years and in response to a request from NATO’s Ship Design Capability Group the International Navy Safety Association (INSA) – a team of international Navies and Classification Societies  – has been developing and now published a safety code for warships, known as the Naval Ship Code and published as ANEP 77. The code is now used Organized by navies to inform procurement plans and Organized by Classification Societies to benchmark their naval ship rules and Classification Services. This presentation will celebrate and discuss the code’s development, its use on a number of recent warship projects to examine both technical and practical application aspects, and the future plans for the code. It will also present the other activities of INSA and invite participation from conference attendees in the work programme of INSA.

Period Time Item/Speaker
14.30/17.15 14.30 Nico BRUNI – RINA

C.F. Tommaso RUSSO – Italian Navy

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