SEMINAR “Naval design for everybody”

SEMINAR “Naval design for everybody”

Friday  22nd June –  Conference Room 2

Main Theme:

Naval Design for Everybody Organized by CSSN and DLTM

Executive summary:

The sea is without barriers: someone confronts it, like Andrea Pendibene, with very small boats in which technological evolution is combined with the expertise of the sailor. Someone else uses technology to eliminate barriers and make the sailboat usable even for those with a disability. Disability and sailing, therefore, is not a difficult combination: there are countless projects that make it possible for everyone to go by sea. From the story of Andrea Stella and the catamaran that he built specifically to that of Andrea Brigatti with his Cadamà (the first historic sailing boat without barriers) and many other interventions illustrating sailing as a “vehicle” for social inclusion in the most inclusive environment we have: the SEA. The sailboat becomes, then, a space where sharing is fundamental, where the collaborative spirit is essential, but also where even the beauties of the territory (as in the Sailing Day that will take place the next day) can be seen from a new point of view.

Period Time Item/Speaker
09.00/10.30 09.00 Carmelo BONFIGLIO
09.20 Andrea BRIGATTI (An accessible boat – Cadamà)
09.40 Marco ROSSATO (Timonieri Sbandati Asd) – via skype/ Gotomeeting
09.50 Alessio BERNABÒ (Diversamente Marinai ASD)
10.10 Andrea PENDIBENE (Sport Velico MMI, skipper)

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