SEMINAR “STAND FAST! 40 years on the side of the sea”

SEMINAR “STAND FAST! 40 years on the side of the sea”

Friday  22nd June –  ITS FASAN Room 2

Main Theme:

STAND FAST! Celebrating 40 years on the frontline of marine conservation.

Executive summary:

Over the past forty years, Sea Shepherd has continued to practice innovative tactics of direct action to investigate, document and take action when necessary to expose and prevent illegal activities on the high seas. As we mark they 40th Anniversary protecting the world’s oceans – let us look back at some of the most significant achievements in our history. These would not have been possible without the passionate dedication of their incredible volunteers and generous donations from individuals, families and businesses.

Period Time Item/Speaker
15.00/16.00 15.00 Skirà Editore SpA (40 years of Sea Shepherd)
15.20 Patrizia MAIORCA
15.40 Alex CORNELISSEN (Captain and CEO Sea


14.45 Andrea MORELLO
16.00/17.00 16.00 Captain Paul WATSON – founder of Sea Shepherd (via Gotomeeting)
16.15 Final Discussion
16.30 Speech on Italian Poet Eugenio Montale and the Mediterranean

Special Prize “Sezione Mediterraneo” – Premio Montale Fuori di Casa to Sea Shepherd.

Adriana BEVERINI, President

Barbara SUSSI, Vice President

Giorgio MORI, President SEPOR SpA


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