WORKSHOP “European strategic Technologies Foresight”

WORKSHOP “European strategic Technologies Foresight”

Thursday 21st June – ITS FASAN room 2

Main Theme:

European Strategic Technology Forecasting

Executive Summary:

The workshop will present the results of a survey carried out within the context of the PYTHIA project, funded Organized by the European Commission in the Preparatory Action on Defence Research framework, aimed at assessing what are the most commonly used technology foresight methodologies in both the military and the industrial domains. All the methodologies identified will be thoroughly analysed, extrapolating several interesting findings that will be described during the speech.

Period Time Item/Speaker
16.45/18.30 16.45 Opening Remarks Secretary General of Defence/National Armaments DirectorateCaptain (N) Luigi SCHINELLI –
16.50 R/T and maritime capability to act at sea– European Defence Agency – Mr Eric GIRARD
17.10 Project Overview – Eng. Giuseppe VELLA
17.30 Questionnaire on methodologies for defence and security forecasting – Dr. Fabio Ruini
17.50 Strategic Technology Foresight with Big Data Analytics – Eng. Alessandro Zanasi
18.00/18.30   Final Discussion

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