WORKSHOP “The Italian technological defence research”

WORKSHOP “The Italian technological defence research”

Wednesday 20th June – ITS FASAN ROOM 2

Main Theme:

“The Italian technological defence research”

Executive Summary: Scientific research, together with the resulting technological innovation, is the ideal measure to define the level of social and economic progress of the entire national system, significantly affecting the welfare and quality of life of the entire national economic and innovation system. As part of certain scientific fields, the ability/skills to dominate specific technologies, making advancements, exploiting their potential for national needs, and at the same time, using them as a starting point for further and continued technological and industrial progress is the essential base on which to lay the foundations for the whole development strategy, current and future, of the nation in terms of expanding the wealth of knowledge and know-how, production, employment prospects, and, in general, quality of life. The great challenge of defence research is to foresee the future battlespace, or the theatre of operations in general, in order anticipate the future needs of the warfighter. This knowledge allows us to guide defence research initiatives today that will keep the country relevant in the future.

The current and future funding opportunities for companies in the field of defence technological research in the national military defence plan, which is divided into several strategic lines, as follows:

  • in the national context, through the National Plan of Military Research;
  • in the European context, through the European Defence Research Plan and the Preparatory

Action carried out Organized by the Preparatory Action on Defence Research;

  • in NATO, through collaborations with the Science and technology Organization;
  • at international level, through bilateral cooperation with countries that want to share technological research with Italy.
Period Time Item/Speaker
14.30/17.30 14.30 Opening Remarks – The National Military Research Strategy

Secretary General of Defence/National Armaments DirectorateCaptain (N) Luigi SCHINELLI

14.50 The Italian NATO and international R&T collaboration –

Secretary General of Defence/National Armaments Directorate

– Lieutenant Colonel Giovanni SEMBENINI

The Italian technological defence research: success stories
15.00 OCEAN 2020: the Leonardo led innovative EU defence research project – LEONARDO – Dr. Andrea NATIVI


Period Time Item/Speaker
14.30/17.30 15.15 DIRCM: from simulation to operational use on avionics and naval platforms –  ELT– Eng. Andrea USAI
15.30 Cyber Attacks in an embedded and wireless connected world – CY4GATE – Eng. Andrea POMPILI
15.45 Experiments and applications in Fincantieri for the national Air Independent Propulsion – FINCANTIERI – Eng. Gerardo


16.00 Ship simulation: from design to training – CETENA – Eng. Aldo ZINI
16.15 A strategic approach to Cyber Defense: prevention, training, attribution and organization – Selta – Dr. Antonio CAPORALE
16.30 Sniper & Drone Detection Systems based on innovative technologies – INTECS –  Dr. Mario CIMMINO
16.45 Automatic Interpretation of SAR Images to support Operative and Tactical Missions (TACTIC) – IDS – Eng. Gianpaolo PINELLI
17.00 RADAR Solutions for Future Maritime Surveillance Missions – Thales Alenia Space Italia – Eng. Arturo INTELISANO
17.15 Electric technologies for future complex surface ships: from (new) concepts to proof (in ship design) – University of Trieste – Prof. Giorgio SULLIGOI.
17.30 Propagation of the magnetic signal in low density ionic solutions (sea water): numerical formalisms and technological applications to port/coast protection – University of Genova – INGV Prof. Osvaldo FAGGIONI.
17.30/17.45 Final Discussion

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